The design you’ve chosen may look finished, but it may be a computer-created image.
It may be in a preview stage -- a computer-generated image stage of what it will represent when fully developed. Be assured the final product you’ve chosen will be superior to the computer-generated image.

     For example, a typical medium complexity motif may have 30 different segments with many even in the same color, and the motif development may require adjustment to each segment with trial stitch-outs to verify effective adjustment.
     I say this only to explain the undescribed complexity affecting design time caused by changes in original selections.
     Be assured that no part of the design or adjustments required to produce your original motif selected is charged to the customer.         
     Motif selection changes can affect delivery time. Therefore, a policy change will be effective 05/01/18. With consideration for other customers who are waiting, motif selection changes after a motif has been chosen requiring new design activity will be moved to the rear of the work schedule with a service charge of $10.00/hour to develop the new selection.

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Motif Naming Examples:

"Vocation-Motif Title(size)Thread Mfg."

"A-BaptismalShell(1.6 in.)H"

"B-Horiztext American03SolaGratia(13.8x2.7 in.)M"

"E-LutherRose(3.0 in.)H"

"L-Cross-Greek Slender (3.0 in)H"

"M-ChaliceandHost PalmBranches(4.5x7.0 in.)H"

"M(Camo)-ChaliceandHost PalmBranches(4.5x7.0 in.)H"

"N-Cross-CelticDiamond(3.0 in.)H"

"P-ThornsNailsBuddedCross(7.3x13.4 in.)M"

"S-Agnus Dei Reclining 02(4.5x3.8 in.)H"

Our embroidery images have a prefix code as part of the title that describes what they were first designed for. This allows us to group them by vocation and size to better serve our customers custom requests.

When we have our customer request designed for estimate, we will send them an e-mail jpg example of what we could stitch out for customer request confirmation before we begin the motif test stitch-out for them.

Please see the motif naming examples below;

Prefix Examples:






M(Camo)=Military with subdued colors to reduce attraction

when on assignment outside the wire.

N=Stole Neck images



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