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Motif Naming Examples:


B-Horizontal Text Old Eng Sola Fide

E-Luther Rose 3.0 in

L-Cross - Greek Slender 3.0 in

M-Chalice and Host Palm Branches

M(Camo)-Chalice and Host Palm Branches

N-Cross - Saint James Ring

P-Luther Rose 7.0 in

S-Anchored In The Word

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Economical, Custom Liturgical Embroidery

P a r a m e n  t s

S t o l e s

Our embroidery images have a code as part of the title that describes what they are and what they were first designed for. This allows us to sort and identify our images for better customer service.

When we have your e-mail address we will send you a jpg example of what we could stitch out by e-mail for your approval before we begin our work for you.

Please see the naming examples below;






M(Camo)=Military with subdued colors to reduce attraction

when on assignment outside the wire.

N=Neck images



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