"L-Cross - Greek (3.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Outline (3.0 in.)"

"L-I H S (1.7x2.5 in.)"

"L-Cross - Iron (3.0 in.)"

L-I H S (1.7x2.5in.)

"L-Cross - Heraldry (3.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Iberian (3.0 in.)"

"L-Host (1.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Interlaced Circular (2.2x3.0 in.)"

The white linen images are shown on a gray background for contrast.

The image title including it's normal size is within the quotation marks and the prefix of an L indicates it has a vocation of Linen 

"L-Baptism Shell (3.0 in.)"

"L-Chi-Rho (2.1x3.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Antique (3.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Greek Slender (3.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Interlaced (3.0 in.)"

"L-Alpha and Omega Etrn 09 (3.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Radiance (1.4x2.0 in.)"

"L-Cross - Maltese (3.0 in.)"