N-Cross - Heraldry(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Crusader V D M A(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Outline Segmented(3.0 in.)H

N-I H S 07(1.8x3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Filigree(2.5x3.0 in.)H

N-TrinityCeltic Fill (3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Jerusalem(3.0 in.)H

N-WordoftheLordEnduresForever Ring(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Interlaced(3.0 in.)H

N-Chi Rho08(2.2x3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Iron(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Interlaced Circular(2.2x3.0 in.)H

N-ReformationDates(4.0x2.0 in.)H

N-LearnFromMe(5.5x3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Maltese(3.0X3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Crusader (3.0 in.)H

N-Chi Rho FishSymbol(1.2x3.2 in.)H

N-Radiance Glory(3.0x3.3 in.)H

Several examples of stoles showing neck images in both 1.5 in and 3.0 in high sizes. Please paginate down to see the individual Stole Motifs

N-WordoftheLordEnduresForever(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Greek Fill(3.0 in.)H

N-Trinity Fill(3.3x3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Iberian(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Greek Segmented(3.0 in.)H

N-AlphaOmega Etrn09(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - CelticDiamond(2.0x3.0 in.)H

N-Trinity Celtic01(2.9x3.0 in.)H

N-OfficeoftheKeys(3.6x3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Bar(3.0 in.)H

N-LutherRose(3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Heraldry(3.0 in.)H

N-IC XC NI KA(3.0x3.0 in.)H

N-Cross - Saint James Ring(2.0x3.0 in.)H